In honor of Kelman Riches: The Man. The Myth. The Legend.

Kelman Riches Clear Lake EDC Orlando
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  1. Holly says:

    Thank you for the love you shared with our friend.

  2. Blaire says:

    I met Kelman when My mother was living there for a short time. He was so full of life and made a mean margarita!

  3. Torie says:

    To many memories to write. When I first met Kel over a decade ago he had just installed his light up dance floor that to my knowledge at the time would end up being my favorite rave party of all even if it was just me and him dancing the night away or under club bridge. I can never forget the time you and joe got us backstage entrances to EDC where me and my closest friends leaned against the speaker and sprayed water from the railings on the people crowding as hard as they could towards the stage. The best part was the party didn’t stop there we went back to your house and made a 20 foot bubble tower no joke and swam in your epic pool then finished the night watching the sunrise blaring your national anthem of the cow boat only to start the day again and head back to Edc. But my most recent and favorite memory because we all know if it wasn’t for something epic you didn’t like to leave your house was last month you driving over a hour to come stay at mine to meet my new born son. I know I told you in days to come after how much that meant to me but it did more than words can say. I will love you forever and promise to keep your legend alive. You fuckity fuck fuck!

  4. Dank says:

    I only got to meet Kel a few times but man do those memories stand out. The first being at one of his lake compound on a Halloween night. So much going on, so many people, so much love. In the massive sea of people I managed to seek him out and thank him and the look of pure joy on his face said it all.
    All I ever heard from that day on were all these beautiful stories about him. He was truly an amazing man. Rest In Love dear Sir.

  5. Fernan Guasp says:

    rest in power my friend!!!!! memories full of good energy , UNIQUE!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

  6. Gabriel says:

    Kelman was a Creator, and he let nothing stop him. I’ve rarely meet someone both so disarming and entertaining.

  7. Rafael gama says:

    Hey chilanga!!!! You will live forever man!!! We used to live across the lake from him. He saved my ass more than once stranded at the wee hours when my boat wouldn’t turn back on in the middle of the lake. Truly a beautiful soul. We’ll see each other again.

  8. Travis Allen says:

    It was a cold 4am morning in Orlando. A pack of weary scenics stood tired after a 12 hr shift out at the wizarding world construction lot. Over the radio came a strange Australian voice! I heeyah some painters need carried out to the car lot? Uh ya man, that would be great I said! No worries mate on meh way nah! Literally seconds later a school bus blasted thru the darkness! Round the corner on a dirt road on 2 wheels no lie! Slammed the brakes dust flew past us all. When it cleared the bus doors flung open! A hard looking Australian dude with a cow printed hard hat and a steel bolt piercing thru it from one side to the other, says yous the painters?…. i say, Who the fuck Are you dude? He says Im Kelman! Cowman I replied? Kelman! Cowman? Kelman! I turn to my buddy. I said is he saying Cowman? Nah I think its Kelman! Oh ok, do you work for Nassal? Ya its meh night job, beh day I’m a cross dressing Flammer! Now I’m really fucking confused and too tired for this shit, but still I get on the bus! He says I work at universal as a stunt man I dress up as a woman and light mehself on fire! Then I dive I to a pool! That’s great dude… but when do you sleep I say?… ah, no worries mate Australians dont need sleep! He steps on the gas and we all get slung back in our seats. Now when I says its 4 am and we are all beat to shit. That first encounter with COWMAN was like hot coffee splashed straight into the eye balls. And forever after I always prepare my friends to a first meeting with him as “this crazy assed Australian dude that’s bigger than life and never EVER Sleeps”. I could write a book with more stories. As anyone who ever had the privilege to know him! My buddy krazy Kel! Love you bud,

  9. Vicki Phillips says:

    We met Kel on the Batman Forever stunt show in Houston Texas in 1996. That man could make anything, fix anything, ride anything, perform top notch on “0” sleep, and make everyone around him happy! We all moved to Orlando and continued our friendship. My favorite memory of him would be driving home after a show in Houston. He was in front of my car riding his motorcycle. A lady pulled out in front of him and his bike slammed into her car. He on the other hand did the largest dive roll I have ever seen up and over the hood of her car 10 feet in the air. He did a perfect roll onto the grass and stood right up! The bike was totaled (which he later fixed of corse) but Kelman was laughing! Crazy Kel you will be missed my friend and we will cherish every memory with you! Our love to all of Kelman’s family and friends.
    David and Vicki Phillips

  10. Sylvia Stevenson says:

    I never felt more immediately accepted by someone just because I was the mother of one of his frineds….fly high free spirit!

  11. Justin says:

    Great Article! Thank you for writing it! He was my dads best friend! It’s so great to see how much people respect him and write such great things!

  12. Austin Notgrass says:

    After randomly meeting him and becoming friends a few years ago, Kelman came up and stayed at my house in Tennessee for Bonnaroo earlier this year. One hour after his arrival, he was on the Nashville news at the festival. Everybody was calling me saying “hey isn’t that your buddy from Orlando on the news !? “. We had so much fun, I flew him back to Tennessee a month later for my birthday and a wakeboard tournament called WAKEFEST on my home lake. I swear he knew more people on that lake that he had never been to before then I did. People all over the country and around the world know this man. This is the kind of guy Kelman was, never demanded attention, but attracted everyone around him with his quirkiness and his positivity. As silly as he was, once you got to know him you soon realized he was probably the nicest Courteous most generous big hearted guy you ever met.
    I have hundreds of stories I could tell about the famous Club Bridge he built under a six lane State highway, or the famous diving pool in his backyard, or the janky looking, yet mechanically sound, Kowboat, but that would take way too long so I will sum it all up by ending with saying “gday mate! When I get to heaven we will go on a walkabout together. Then I’ll tell you a ridiculously rude joke followed by a PoP of my cheek with my thumb all while shoeless and running on 34 minutes of sleep in a week long period. I love you man and will miss you always We will never be able to replace a legend such as you. Fly rocket man see you soon !

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