10 Reasons why I loved Imagine Music Festival

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  1. Ashley says:

    I totally agree! We had purchased VIP tickets, and unfortunately we’re denied the extra amenties we werected promised. Imagine staff explained the reasons why, and gave us free VIP tickets to get in next year, which they offered everyone who purchased VIP tickets through eventbrite. The production and lineup were untouchable in my opinion. I have yet to see another EDM festival come close to what Imagine 2016 brought to the table. I’ve dealt with bullshit security and lines at other festivals, so anyone complaining about that at Imagine needs to really rethink what that could really be like. We had a great weekend and can’t wait until next year!

  2. Justin says:

    Imagine was my first real music festival. I camped all three days and my God what a life changing experience that was. I had no idea what I was getting into. My GF has been going for years. I’m a military veteran, just got out of service and this festival has literally changed my life and the way I see human beings. I’ve been hit hard with the PLUR. Months after IMAGINE I have now gone to 6 shows and EDC Orlando. Already have tickets for LIC2017 Miami, Excision Paradox tour, EDC Vegas and Imagine 2017. My only complaints during imagine were the ants at the camp grounds which can happen anywhere camping, and the heat. That was pretty much it. Two things the coordinators have no control over. The line up was stacked beyond belief. This festival is definitely UNDERRATED. And I will be there 100% next year. I recommend It to anyone.

    1. Hey Justin! We’ll email you now! We LOVE hearing from fans and their unique experiences and we’d love to feature you if possible. Being your first festival, we’re glad you had a blast. We’d love to hear more about it!

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