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Top 10 Totems of Imagine Music Festival

Top 10 Totems of Imagine Music Festival As festival culture continues to blossom, so does the creativity behind the festival totem.  What makes a totem so special?  Comical relief?  The art behind it?  Or maybe it has to be something…

Ship Fam taking trolling to new heights… LITERALLY

Ship Fam taking trolling to new height in support of Founder Gary Richards With the upsetting news of founder, Gary Richards, leaving HARD Events and not returning to the beloved Holy Ship, his loyal following  known as Ship Fam plans…

2021 Festival Season Guide: 21 non-essentials that will make your festival weekend “F***ING EPIC”

2021 Festival Season Guide 21 Festival Season items that will make your weekend epic As summer kicks in full steam, so is our 2021 Festival Season. Many festival veterans like myself, more commonly known as “Degenerates”, can pack for a…

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