The Manifestation of Glockwork Records

Glockwork Records has been on EDM DAYCARE’s radar ever since 2018. With the label and its owner tearing it up with jaw hitting sounds, they are back! Get Glock’d. In 2009, the GOBSMVCKED we all know & respect was not…

BvssFlux Brings The Filth In New Track Redline

Bass Face Activated… Another article on wubs, dubs, and bass faces! You ever hear something so damn filthy, you gotta double take? Yeah, that was me listening to “REDLINE” by non other than Colorado Springs native Brandon Browning a.k.a BvssFlux!…

Glockwork Records Inner Workings Is A Must Listen

Glockwork Records  Innerworkings Glockwork Records has recently released a multitude of records ranging everything from Dubstep to Hip-Hop, Future Bass to House, & Moonbahton & R&B, Glockwork. They are really genre-less. With their multi-talented team, Glockwork Records founder has coined the term. I intend…

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