Excision’s Lost Lands: We’re Not Ready.

Excision’s Lost Lands We’re Not Ready When I heard that Excision’s Lost Lands was happening, I victory screamed. Excision is one of my favorite artist and to know that he curated a festival dedicated to people who love bass. That’s what…

New single “Stupid Love” got me with those “feels” vibes [LISTEN]

LA Riots & Damaged Goods ft. Karina Release new single “Stupid Love“ Don’t you just love when artists break out of their zone & surprise you with a sound you completely didn’t expect?  Welcome to LA Riots & Damaged Goods.…

2017 Festival Season Guide: 21 non-essentials that will make your festival weekend “F***ING EPIC”

2017 Festival Season Guide 21 Festival Season items that will make your weekend epic As summer kicks in full steam, so is our 2017 Festival Season. Many festival veterans like myself, more commonly known as “Degenerates”, can pack for a…

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