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Are you a student, recent graduate or someone who loves to write and wants to be part of a creative team?

EDM Daycare is looking for self-motivated, passionate teammates that want to not only write about EDM, but be a moving force within it! Growing & changing the industry we all love and cherish.


Working with EDM Daycare is a dynamic & unique experienced. We’re team located all around the globe, linked together by our passion for music & ye ol’ internet. Meaning, we all work remotely in our own setting of choice. Due to this, we seek self motivated, driven, passionate individuals that can work efficiently without constant hassle & direction.

Interning with EDM Daycare, you’ll be collaborating with the team through Google Apps, Slack, and email predominantly. You’ll be tasked as a general writer/blogger at first, and depending on your style, quality of work, and overall contribution, can move into other, more specific positions.

If you have certain skills & traits which may benefit the team beyond writing, let us know as we’re always looking to bring top talent to the team!

If you’re willing to grow personally, with a team, & with an industry, we’d love to hear from you!

Apply today! Email us through the contact from available on our contact us pages!

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