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Beats beyond Borders

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  1. Jason Eff says:

    Intresting article, in Central America we live the electronic scene whit all the love and passion, as in other latitudes.

    Here we have people that truly love and give all of them for this, and don’t see the electronic music world like a movement, they see it like a kind of live, like a truly philosophy of love; dj’s and producers that work really hard for get out and get a bit of support.

    Greetings from Honduras

  2. Ger Funes says:

    Nice article Of the festivals in our region. More beats More pasion!!

  3. Interesting article about the great events in our region , it is nice to know that we also have ours and we take into account other countries to visit when these festivals.
    Greetings from El Salvador

  4. Destroy3r says:

    interesting article about the scene right now in our region and i’m glad how the scene is growing up day by day!

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