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    Founded in  2016 by a passionate team of EDM fans across the world, is an electronic dance media website and online publication. With it’s scope’s set on pushing past what’s normal & providing the world with an opportunity to see beyond the flashing lights, EDM Daycare will positively grow & evolve with the industry it loves. Just like the underground scene founded on “PLUR”, EDM Daycare believes in the same ideals which have brought the music genre’s to the grand stage they are today. Peace, Love, Unity,  and Respect. edm

    From the crowd goer’s to the corporate staff making sure events occur around the world. EDM Daycare’s team comes from every angle, to brings it’s readers, every angle!

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    EDM Daycare is open to any propositions and ideas! We can’t guarantee we’ll be on board, but every opportunity will be acknowledged! Whether you’d like to advertise your event, launch a new song into the world’s ears or convey a beautiful initiative to change the world. We’re open to all the world may bring.

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